Emergency call


Water activities

It is crucial that everyone be aware of the dangers that can arise during water activities and more importantly how to prevent those potential hazards from becoming a reality.

Savjeti - Aktivnosti na vodi

CMRS swift water and flood rescue technician instructors set out the following guidelines:

  • respect water (rivers, lakes, sea) and be aware of the dangers
  • never engage in water adventures alone
  • get information from local sports clubs and rangers
  • study well the planned route, especially the dangerous sections such as canyons, cascades, travertine barriers and waterfalls
  • avoid engaging in water adventures in times of rising water level, floods and at night
  • always check the weather forecast and take note of the sudden changes in weather and water conditions since e.g. precipitation can significantly raise the water level
  • do not drink and engage in water adventures
  • after water activities, apply disintectants
  • Use the safety gear – a helmet and a life jacket
  • when organizing various humanitarian, sports and commercial events with a large number of participants, be sure to include professional water rescuers and licensed guides (skippers), inform the local emergency medical service and the police and obtain permission from the Port Authority
  • in case of an accident or emergency, contact the 112 center immediately. Determine the location of the accident and provide as many details as possible (what happened, the number of people involved, etc.). Do not take any complicated rescue operations on your own but rather wait for qualified professional help.
  • do not pollute water