Emergency call


Underwater cave diving

The CMRS has also teams trained for rescue operations in speleological and underwater sites. Therefore, in case of an emergency in caves, contact the CMRS imemdiately by dialing the 112 emergency number.

HGSS Savjeti - Ronjenje

The following guidelines apply:

  1. Only trained and certified cave divers may engage in cave diving acitivities. Cave diving is not recommended to open water divers since no amount of open-water diving experience can prepare them for the hazards they will encounter inside a cave.
  2. Diving in underwater caves in Croatia should be taken extremely seriously. A dive or expedition should be carefully planned. Underwater caves in Croatia are often muddy, complex, deep and cold.
  3. When planning the dive or expedition into an underwater cave, do not overestimate your possibilities and abilities nor underestimate the conditions and morphology and depth of the planned underwater speleological site.
  4. Before setting on an underwater cave diving venture or expedition in Croatia, you should first obtain all the necessary permits from the public authority competent for the corresponding area.
  5. In the event of an accident, stay calm and dial 112. Provide as many details as possible (your location, what happened, number of people involved). The CMRS is the only service in Croatia with a team trained for rescue operations in speleological and underwater sites.