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Caving is beautiful but potentially dangerous activity that can lead to accidents. We strongly advice completing certified caving courses to gain knowledge and confidence before engaging in caving.

Savjeti - Speleologija

Caving Guidelines

  • Train, learn constantly and improve yourself.
  • Never cave alone! The minimum team consists of 3 members.
  • If an accident happens one team member goes for help while the other stays with the injured person.
  • Always carry a spare light and first aid kit.
  • Inform yourself of conditions in the cave.
  • Ask experienced cavers, Croatian mountaineering association or local caving clubs for more information. Inform them of your plans
  • Inform others of your plans and time of return.
  • Inform local or national caving clubs about your plans.
  • Carry warm clothes, gloves, uderlayer and astrofoil. Caves tend to be cold.
  • Move according to slowest team member pace.
  • If you are stranded, don’t worsen situation by wandering. Wait and signal for help.
  • Warm yourself while resting. Isolete yourself from the ground (sit on ropes or backpack)
  • Don’t disturb the animals (bats, bugs…) Some animals are disease carriers.
  • Check caving records of histoplasmosys (fungus infection often found in bat and bird feces) Symptoms of histoplasmosys are similar to tuberculosis.
  • Rescue operations in caves are tehnicaly and logisticaly qite demanding and complicated. Rescue can last from several hours to several days.
  • Don’t drink and cave.