Emergency call


Mountain biking

The safety tips listed in this text are intended for all active mountain bikers, regardless of the branch of mountain biking they are engaged in or the level of commitment they invest in this sport.

HGSS Savjeti - Brdski biciklizam

Despite the many subjective and objective dangers that are an integral part of this sport, with proper education and adoption of certain rules, many of them can be reduced. In this way, you contribute to your own safety, but also to the safety of the whole group.

With a higher level of awareness of all possible accident scenarios and the correct response with the necessary equipment and knowledge, it is possible to take care of the injured person and prevent further injuries until the arrival of emergency services. In the best case scenario, you will take care of the casualty to continue driving.

  • Individual ride
  • inform others about your travel plan and approximate arrival time or use Google Location Sharing or similar. an app with a trusted
  • person who will be able to track your movements
  • basic first aid
  • whistle (where easily accessible)
  • full battery on mobile phone
  • crash sensor (eg ANGi) / cycling computer connected to your mobile phone with the option to call a predefined user
  • learn to use the functions of a GPS device so that you can read the coordinates of your location or
  • install one of the free applications on your mobile phone that displays your current coordinates
  • always carry something sweet (chocolate, candy, etc.) and something salty (eg a little salt)
  • allergy tablets if you are allergic, and an additional recommendation is to consult your doctor and wear tablets to alleviate the
  • allergic reaction in case of stings of hornets, bees or the like.
  • if you have a disease (eg diabetes, heart problem, epilepsy, etc.) and / or are taking the necessary medication, write it on a piece of
  • paper that you can put in your first aid to be available as information in the rescue

Group ride

inform the members of the group if you have a disease and / or are taking the necessary medication and make sure that in that case your medication is in an accessible and familiar place


  • join a local club to hear the advice of more experienced members
  • learn to use all the equipment in your first aid
  • educate yourself about providing first aid / invest in a good first aid book / practice
  • within the club contact the local Mountain Rescue Service Station for the organization of presentations, trainings and lectures on
  • first aid and HGSS
  • visualize possible scenarios and how you would best address them in the comfort of your own home

Example of recommended first aid for MTB

  • Each functional first aid must contain at least:
  • nitrile protective gloves (to protect yourself from contamination)
  • first turn
  • a pair of sterile compresses / gauze
  • bend
  • a pair of patches of different sizes
  • astrofolia (protection of the casualty from external atmospheric influences)
  • other (medicines, personal data)