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About us

The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (CMRS) is a national, voluntary, professional, humanitarian and non-partisan association working in the public interest. It is dedicated to preventing accidents, and providing rescue and first aid services in mountains and other hardly accessible or inaccessible areas as well as in extraordinary circumstances which require special know-how and equipment for preserving human, material and environmental resources.

The CMRS is a non-profit association that performs services of national interest. There are 25 mountain rescue teams across the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia.

Founded as internal service of the Croatian mountaineering association
Stations across Croatia
We care of Your safety 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year


The CMRS activities are defined by the Protection and Rescue Act and the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service Act, passed by the Croatian Parliament on 30 June, 2006.

The CMRS works in close cooperation with state authorities and local and regional self-government units, institutions, the Croatian Armed Forces, health care and social welfare institutions, the Croatian Mountaineering Association and other legal and natural persons from the field of culture, physical education and sports, tourism, protection of nature and environment as well as transport. It also cooperates closely with public institutions and nature protection bodies responsible for the protection and preservation of nature and environment of mountains. Moreover, the CMRS operates very often in urban and other non-mountainous areas as well, performing jobs that include height, tunnels or pipes, providing assistance in cases of road or sea accidents, and in a number of extreme sports (paragliding, mountain biking, rafting, etc.). In addition to rescue and first aid services to injured casualties in hardly accessible or inaccessible areas, the CMRS pays great attention to education and prevention, i.e. prevention and avoidance of accidents in inaccessible terrains, particularly mountains. Namely, mountain rescue teams are present at all major Croatian ski resorts (Sljeme, Platak, Bjelolasica), rock climbing area in the Paklenica National Park, as well as at various extreme sport events, such as mountain bike races, sport climbing competitions and more.

Proud member of International Commission for Alpine Rescue
Proud member and one of the founders of European Cave rescue association
Member of International Search and Rescue Dog Organisation
Our tasks
Accident prevention
Elimination of imminent danger in the mountains
Implementing preventive measures to improve security
Searching for lost people in the mountains
Rescue at ski resorts
Search and rescue from avalanches and implementation of preventive measures
Participation in the national search and rescue system
Organizing transport from the mountainf for sick or injured
Providing safety recommendations to individuals and organizations
Continuous information and education
Rescue from heights and tall objects
Rescue missions in case of bad weather
Publishing preventive and educational materials
On site presence in order to prevent accidents
Rescue from caves, cliffs and canyons

Who we are?

Rescue missions are free in Croatia

Police officers Doctors Professors Firefighters Sellers Drivers Pilots Teachers Architects Chefs Car mechanics

Police officers Doctors Professors Firefighters Sellers Drivers Pilots Teachers Architects Chefs Car mechanics